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Below is a small selection of advice on how to properly detail your vehicle. For the best results, read on to learn more about how to keep your car looking good. Visit car detailing chula vista before reading this.

The paint will be easier to polish if you use polish.

You can use polish to remove scratches and restore a shiny finish on your car. Many polishes also contain wax which helps protect the car's paint. But the wax itself does not make the paint smoother. A polishing machine that oscillates can help you to polish your painted surface if done correctly. If you are not a professional, you can use an oscillating machine to polish your paint. This is faster than a rotating tool but it will damage the paint if used incorrectly. Most likely, if not all of you are professionals (likely), then oscillating polishers are a better option.

In order to measure his results, the detailer should hold the ruler perpendicularly against the car's surface. He will then look at how much the reflection spreads. The greater the number read by the detailer on the ruler is, the more glossy the paint finish will be.

The wax will help protect the paint

A clear coat covers the car when it leaves the factory. But over time the coat starts to peel off, leaving the paint on its own against the outside elements. It is here that wax comes into play. This wax, which is meant to be sacrificial, will eventually wear away from your vehicle's surface. However it will also absorb minor scratches and staining before these hazards get onto the paint. In general, older people prefer liquid wax while young adults like paste.

Choice is down to individual preference, as both products perform equally. Finally, car detailers who are professionals will use two coats. The second coat serves to cover up areas where the previous coat may have failed. Avoid applying additional coats to your car for protection. You will have to wipe them off after buffing the car because they don't adhere.

You can wax as the seasons changes

As you move between painting and waxing, you may find that stains have been picked up. The use of liquid sprays that cover stains and scratched between your waxings can be a great idea. However, they are not a replacement for the real thing. As there is no way of knowing when wax has been worn down, you're best off sticking to a set schedule. Give your car an annual waxing if its spent every day on the road.