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Nearly everyone has seen or heard carpet cleaning commercials homepage. These ads show how carpets can be revived and made look new and clean. That is what you should be asking yourself if it can happen for your carpets. If your carpets are worn down by heavy traffic, children and pets, it may need to be replaced.

You can see carpet cleaning company ads everywhere. These companies can be found all over the place, but before you make the call to schedule an appointment, ensure you do your research. Not all companies have the ability to clean your home. Be sure to verify this information before you call them for an estimate.

There are four main types that can be used for residential carpet cleaning. However, not all companies offer the same methods of cleaning. No matter who you hire, vacuuming the carpet is the first thing that they do. Before any carpet is treated with wet or foam, it is essential that all dirt and debris be removed.

Shampooing is considered the most ineffective method of cleaning carpet. This involves applying a significant amount of water to the carpet. After that, you vacuum up "some" water. It is impossible remove all carpet shampoo or water. This can damage carpet backing and cause mildew, mold and other problems under carpet padding. The initial results can look nice, but they are not as durable as other methods.

Some companies choose to dry clean their carpets. This method does not require any water to be used on your carpets. Instead, it uses a special dust that attracts dirt deep under the carpet. After that, the carpet can be vacuumed up. The carpet is less likely to be damaged by this method, however it will not remove all dirt or stains.

Another option is foam cleaning. This is a combination shampooing and dry cleaning. While it requires some water to clean this method, it doesn't require as much as regular shampooing. The "dry" foam is spread all over the carpet. Once dry, the carpet can be scrubbed with an electric scrubber. While it is more effective than dry carpet cleaning, it is still not the best.

Steam cleaning is the most widely used method carpet cleaning companies have to offer. This method uses hot water that is delivered via a wand attachment. The steam penetrates deep into the carpet to eliminate dirt and stains. This uses a lot less water than regular shampooing and can kill any bacteria or viruses living in your carpets. The carpet is vacuumed with a powerful vacuum. Look for companies that offer carpet cleaning services in your area.

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