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Let's face the facts, most people feel nervous when they shop for a vehicle. This is because they don't trust others. The bad reputation that the automotive sales industry has built over the years is due to questionable selling practices. This has led to discouraged car buyers, who have been frustrated and discouraged by the process. There is some good news by There is some good news.

Web 2.0 technology allows consumers to share their shopping experiences online. Now car buyers can visit multiple websites to rate the car dealership from which they purchased their vehicle, and also share their opinions with other online car shoppers. It is easiest to search "car dealership ratings" using Google or any other search engine. There are many sites where you can search for the vehicle you are interested in and your location. Some sites are exclusively for those who want to rate dealers. Other websites (typically local directories), allow local consumers the ability to rate any service or product provider in their own locality, which includes car dealers.

The car buyer now holds the power. The experience of going to a car dealer used to be stressful. The internet makes it easy for the customer to research local car dealerships online, find the dealership offering the best deals, and provide the best service.

Web 2.0 technology and social networks also have the added benefit that search engines can search the Internet and match ratings on multiple sites with the local listing of your dealer. It is a great idea to search for "city names car dealers" using Google. When the Google results appear, you will notice that several online reviews have been attached to your Google Map listing. The car shopper can see all reviews in one place. Many online rating sites can combine ratings from many sources, making it much easier to do your research.

Do your research on car dealer ratings to ease the stress of your next car purchase. So you can walk in confidence to the dealership you choose. Also, don't forget about leaving a rating for your local car dealer once you're done shopping so future car shoppers can get the same benefit.