Larnaka: Countless Choices One Destination

Larnaka: A place where past and present blend magically into a delightful mosaic of sun and culture. A region that will amaze you with its diversity and genuine hospitality of its people.

Larnaka is Cyprus’s gateway to the world since it is the home of the island’s main brand new airport and secondary port.  This makes Larnaka a perfect starting point from which to explore Cyprus and especially the region with its endless possibilities close by. Beautiful and safe beaches, exciting water sports, numerous leisure options, culture and events, cosmopolitan cafes by the beach, traditional villages and authentic Cypriot taverns are just some of the choices in Larnaka.

Diving in Larnaka

With the beautiful Mediterranean sea surrounding its coast, Larnaka is an ideal diving destination for both beginner and experienced scuba divers. The climate is good all year round, the water temperature is high, there are no strong currents and the sea is very safe. Apart from its tranquil and clear waters, Larnaka has some unusual and quite surprising treasures for adventure seekers. The sunken wrecks of HMS Cricket, a British helicopter, and the magnificent awe-inspiring site of the Zenobia ferry are sights to behold.

Additionally, other diving sites to explore include the enigmatic ‘Octopus Reef’ and the ‘Sheep Dip’, the meaning of which will reveal itself to visiting adventurers.